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Welcome !

English speaking visitors and students learning French are very welcome to join in all our activities. The church includes several English people and English speakers. Every effort will be made to provide help and friendship whether or not you are a regular church goer.

We are an evangelical fellowship affiliated to the Communautés et Assemblées Evangéliques de France.

Our base for Sunday morning worship is 183 avenue des Hauts de Saint-Aubin, 49100 Angers. Services begin at 10h00.

If you do not have a car and live in Angers, you can take the tramway to "Terra Botanica" stop (150 meters). In case of difficulty do not hesitate to contact

Amongst our activities there are Sunday morning groups for children, events for teenagers and young people, weekly prayer and Bible study groups, regular fellowship meals, a Christmas event and an annual houseparty.

The church is in regular contact with other churches in Angers and the region.